LTTS’ Analyst Day Showcases Engineering Innovations and Breakthroughs

Author photo: G. Ganapathiraman
ByG. Ganapathiraman
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The L&T Technology Services (LTTS) Analyst Day at Mysuru on 5th and 6th June showcased the company’s engagements and capabilities across a range of emerging technologies. The two-day event included knowledge sharing sessions designed to give an insider’s perspective through live demos and in-depth project showcases across Mobility (focused on Construction, Off-highway, and automotive), Sustainability (focused on Industrial Products) & Hitech (focused on Medical Devices). Several Analyst firms, including ARC Advisory Group, were invited for this well-orchestrated Analyst Meet. At the two-day event, LTTS hosted many lab sessions and product demonstrations that took us through the gamut of their innovative new technologies.  The lab sessions covered: Industrial Products, Electrical/Digital Products, Digital Mobility, Embedded Systems, Digital Transformation and Sustainability, Power Electronics, HVAC, Software-defined Healthcare, Smart Lighting, Automotive, and Medical.

Across India, LTTS has 22 design centers. LTTS’ new design center in Mysuru aims to drive digital, transformational, cutting-edge work across Industrial Products, Consumer Electronics, and Digital Products.  LTTS’ Mysuru campus has 3,500 people, out of which over 1,000 are working on Artificial Intelligence/Generative AI.

Engineering Innovations


The Sessions

While all the sessions were informative and interesting, I will just touch upon a few. 

Electric vehicle and smart charging validation: Operational since 2017. For remote testing and five different types of tests software integration. A Tier 1 OEM has selected LTTS for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) platform testing. 

We saw demos and actual implementations in the connected vehicles lab, connected digital enterprise, digital twin of vehicle, construction vehicle loader, payloads and the Electric Control Units (ECUs). 

The session on healthcare applications was particularly interesting as we learnt about the digital health platform and robotic surgeries. GenAI based automation of ultrasound scanners has proved to be beneficial to customers. Innovations and patents are high in this group: Medical devices where samples can be tested directly, imaging services that provide interoperability, and software-defined endoscopy.   

The Asset healthcare session showcased LTTS’ solutions in the oil and gas sector. The power electronics lab, hazardous lighting applications, smart grid management and so on provided an overall perspective of LTTS’ strategies and cutting-edge technologies. 

LTTS is developing GenAI 18 solutions to help customers solve business problems. In this context they spoke about CLIP (Customer-led Innovation Programs). Further, we got an overview of LTTS’ Global Engineering Academy (GEA) that connects digital classrooms to boardroom. 

About the Company

L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is an independent company of L&T. LTTS is a global leader in Engineering and R&D services. 1,296 patents have been filed for 57 of the Global Top ER&D spenders. LTTS is an Engineering Global Service Provider (EGSP). Although every IT company has an arm of EGSPs, LTTS’ commitment towards Engineering & New Products Development (NPD) is exemplary, when compared to other EGSPs. Let’s look at actual numbers: just a few years ago, LTTS’ revenues were at $400 million and last year they crossed a record-breaking $1 billion. The company’s approach resonates with its motto, “Engineering the Change.” 



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