McDermott, Schneider Electric and io consulting Join Forces to Develop Net Zero Facilities—Upstream

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

McDermott International, Ltd, Schneider Electric and io consulting announced a collaboration to advance the research and design of Net Zero Facilities for the upstream oil and natural gas market. The three companies will combine their capabilities and resources to explore and develop a proof of concept based on an offshore platform reference case. The result of the collaboration will be published in a joint study on Net Zero Facilities—Upstream before the end of the year.

The study defines a hierarchy of emissions-reduction technologies, ranked by maturity, investment and impact to help enable operators to make more informed decisions when prioritizing areas for emissions reduction.

The program is designed to directly supports a significant carbon footprint reduction within the production and transformation of oil and gas, which, according to the International Energy Agency, is about fifteen percent of the entire oil and gas carbon footprint.

The companies expect the collaboration to demonstrate what is achievable with current technology, what new technologies are required and identify break-even carbon pricing to make the net zero facilities viable now and in the future. The team will adapt this proof of concept to any geographical region and project, considering local infrastructure and environmental policies regarding carbon pricing. 

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