A More Resilient Electric Distribution Grid Enabled by GE Digital’s Latest ADMS Release

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

GE Digital announced the availability of the latest release of its Advanced Distribution Management Solution (ADMS). ADMS helps to enable safer and more secure management and orchestration of the electricity distribution grid. It helps to deliver additional reliability, productivity, and efficiency through a modular architecture, adaptive algorithms, and predictive analytics for more autonomous and optimized distribution grid and renewables operations.

As the industry commits to decarbonization through renewable sources, such as wind, solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage, GE Digital’s ADMS, with Distributed Energy Resources (DER) orchestration, helps utilities to enhance grid resiliency and reliability. 

GE Digital’s ADMS also includes a new set of tools to support Automated Deployment and Testing to further streamline upgrades and deployments for faster time to value.

Improved Distribution Optimization

With this update, GE Digital has further enhanced DER awareness and orchestration for distribution grid operations, improving the capabilities of connected resources by modeling, visualizing, forecasting, monitoring, and controlling assets. These enhanced applications are able to more efficiently analyze and leverage renewable resources for grid operations. GE Digital’s ADMS now leverages the IEEE 2030.5 communications standard to monitor and control behind-the-meter DERs through smart inverters. 

More Intuitive Outage Management

GE Digital’s ADMS helps to enable operators to deliver a more effective and efficient response during severe weather. This release takes a step forward in Outage Management applications, supporting utilities in decentralizing their outage response. A more modern, intuitive user interface guides operators through the restoration process. It also helps to empower restoration specialists to work in concert across the utility with increased visibility for more effective coordination of work throughout the organization and multiple locations.

The latest release also includes a more  enhanced user interface including workflows for control room operators and dispatchers. This feature helps to improve workflow efficiency while maintaining safer and more reliable switching operations and helps to deliver improvements on regulatory key performance indicators (KPIs).

Real-Time Mobile Operations

GE Digital’s ADMS includes more enhanced mobile operations that help to improve the connectivity between field crews and the control room by further simplifying and digitizing the interaction. Field crews are provided with a real-time view of the grid, and switching orders allow switching to be recorded directly from the field. This helps to streamline grid management through more secure field and control room collaboration, which can deliver greater visibility and control to the field crew.

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