New Challenges for Industrial Ethernet Specifiers

By Chantal Polsonetti

Industrial Ethernet devices and network infrastructure play a pivotal role in the connectivity-enabled business improvement strategies of the future. This is particularly true in the case of both the Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 (I4.0), each of which relies heavily on integration of field and asset data with enterprise-level business improvement applications – many of which are resident in the Cloud. This increased emphasis on industrial internet-driven business value propositions is drawing IT organizations and new edge-to-cloud integration requirements into the purchasing process. At the same time, Ethernet’s ongoing displacement of legacy automation networks continues at a rapid pace.

These and similar developments continue to drive new product configurations, new supplier entries, and overall expansion beyond the traditional industrial Ethernet base. Potential buyers need to monitor new product introductions from both IT and OT players as well as keep up with major advancements in IE technology and standardization. The prospect of standard real-time Ethernet in the form of IEEE 802.1 TSN standardization, plus Software Defined Networking’s (SDN) promise in areas ranging from improved performance to network and security, are two of the most prominent examples in this latter area.

Industrial Ethernet Plays a Role
Industrial Ethernet Plays a Pivotal Role in Internet-Enabled Business Strategies


Potential Industrial Ethernet device buyers need a sound roadmap to guide them through the maze of new configuration options. Extracted from ARC’s most recent industrial Ethernet market updates, and drawing on our decades of industrial Ethernet market coverage, our Industrial Ethernet Selection Guides help reduce RFP development time and provide a sound foundation for expediting the product and supplier selection process. Industrial Ethernet Selection Guides designed to help organizations make informed choices are available now for both industrial Ethernet end devices (sensors, I/O, drives, etc.) as well as switches.

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