New Generation of Siemens Industrial Ethernet Switches Strengthens OT/IT Collaboration

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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The increasing networking of machines, controls, and IT systems in industrial plants leads to increasingly complex networks at the production level. To ensure reliable data exchange, high-performance Industrial Industrial Ethernet SwitchesEthernet Switches with a high number of ports and data bandwidths are required. To this end, Siemens has renewed the Industrial Ethernet Switches of its Scalance XC-/XR-300 series and upgraded them with additional functions for next-generation industrial networks.

Managed Layer 2 switches from the Scalance X Industrial Ethernet Switch product family are now available, both as compact models and as 19-inch variants for control cabinets. The new switches replace the portfolio of the current Scalance X-300 series and carry the model designation Scalance XC-/XCM-300 in the compact version and Scalance XR-/XRM-300 in the 19-inch version.

Future-proofing Hardware in Existing Installations via Software Update

The new Scalance XC-/XCM-300 and Scalance XR-/XRM-300 series switches have a high port density, which allows many devices to be connected within large network infrastructures. Thanks to their high-bandwidth ports (up to 10 Gbit/s), the new models also enable various OT network applications for data, voice, video and Profinet.

Industrial companies also benefit from a migration option to the new switch generation: This means that the changeover is possible for all models of the Scalance XC- or XR-300 series introduced from 2022 onwards with the long-standing operating system and Scalance XCM- or XRM-300 with the new operating system. This means users don't have to replace devices to meet the latest requirements. In addition, software updates with the new operating system are to be implemented more quickly in the future.

Time-Sensitive Networking Makes Industrial Networks More Flexible and Secure

In addition to the established basic functions, the Scalance XCM-300 and Scalance XRM-300 series will in the future feature technology innovations such as Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), edge functionalities, and seamless redundancy for increased real-time communication and safety. Network security is also ensured by integrated security functions such as SSH and SSL protocols to protect against unauthorized network access and configurations.

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