Observations from the Recent Infor Innovation Summit

By Ed O'Brien

Company and Product News

Infor Continues its Focus on Digital Transformation  

Infor recently held an innovation summit for its customers, industry analysts, and other interested parties.  The company shared valuable insight into Infor’s vision and planned and available solutions, as well as communicating its priorities for the near-to-intermediate term. 

Infor Innovation Summit Infor%20Innovation%20Summit.JPG

Some of the areas of increased emphasis for the company are squarely in the realm of digital transformation, led by its Infor OS Cloud Platform and CloudSuite solutions.  At the center of this innovation is Infor OS, an agile cloud operating platform designed to bring business processes, AI, operational insights, and other productivity enhancements together.   CloudSuite’s key areas of impact and benefits include assets, maintenance and service, production, facilities, distribution, sourcing, R&D, and sales.

Driving these innovations are new or expanded digital transformation in such areas as: advanced automation; connected applications, smart analytics, AI-powered business intelligence and predictive analytics, in-memory data access, high-performance querying capabilities, and automated data refinement and analyses. 

The company is also expanding its industry focus.  Examples include such areas as automotive, aerospace and defense, manufacturing and industrial machinery, high tech and electronics, and in last-mile capabilities in utilities, supply chain management, logistics, and other industries.


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