Owl Cyber Defense Webinar at 10 AM Central: Strategies for Securing the Grid Through Isolation and Segmentation

By Larry O'Brien

Industry Trends

Coming up at 10 AM Central today, Owl Cyber Defense will be hosting a webinar on securing the electric grid through isolation and segmentation. 

In the same way physical isolation protects vulnerable populations from a virus, the electric grid needs strategies for isolation and separation to protect itself. In this webinar, guest speaker RADM USN(ret) Michael Brown will draw parallels between the protocols and defensive measures put in place to maintain critical operations during a pandemic and how the electric grid, a significant part of our critical infrastructure, operates with the same mentality every day – keep the grid working normally while defending off attacks. We will look at how new cybersecurity technologies and processes are reinventing grid security, increasing resiliency and maintaining operations.

Owl Cyber Defense

Webinar Panelists include:

Admiral Michael Brown,  RADM, USN (ret)  | Paulo Silva, CEO, Security Limits  |   Scott Coleman, VP Marketing, Owl Cyber Defense

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