PAS Releases Modular OT Cybersecurity Solution

By Larry O'Brien

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PAS Global LLC announced Cyber Integrity now includes in-product expansion to support industrial organizations as they mature their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity capabilities.  The cyber risk for critical infrastructure and process industries is greater than ever as digitalization projects and remote work requirements have expanded the attack surface.  Industrial organizations are focusing more on addressing cyber risk but are at different stages of maturity.  New modular licensing and deployment options in Cyber Integrity version 7.0 provide flexibility to address specific needs as sites advance their OT cybersecurity maturity:

  • Cyber Integrity Inventory Management: provides discovery and topology mapping of industrial control system environments down to Level 0 devices with depth and accuracy without passive network detection limitations and active network polling risks.
  • Cyber IntegrityVulnerability & Patch Management: includes inventory management and enables the identification of vulnerabilities hidden in industrial infrastructure, leveraging and enhancing regular feeds from the United States National Vulnerability Database (NVD).
  • Cyber IntegrityEnterprise: includes inventory and vulnerability & patch management as well as in-depth Level 3 to Level 0 OT asset configuration management with comprehensive cybersecurity configuration baselining, unauthorized configuration change detection, workflow-driven vulnerability remediation and incident response, risk analytics, compliance workflows and reporting, and backup and recovery support.

As part of the announcement, PAS also unveiled a new OT Inventory Assessment Service.  This service delivers an analysis of a site’s current OT inventory, identifies gaps with industry best practices, and documents the business value of having a more detailed inventory in place.  The service is offered at no charge to qualified organizations.

Link to Press Release: PAS Releases Modular Cybersecurity Solution

PAS Cyber Integrity Dashboard
PAS Cyber Integrity Dashboard

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