Pipeline Scheduling Solutions Enhance Oil & Gas Operations

By Tim Shea

Industry Trends

ARC has been covering the process industries, such as chemicals, oil & gas, and refining, among others for decades and has been a strong proponent of how the benefits of automation and technology deployed by owner-operators and end user organizations enhance operational performance, help reduce costs, improve Pipeline scheduling solutionsproductivity of both equipment and employees, and improve profitability. 

The market for pipeline scheduling solutions continues to develop and evolve as an increasing number of pipeline operators and transporters now view automation of the scheduling operations as a positive investment in productivity, operational improvements and improved profitability, all being done with increasingly reduced staffing levels due to “the Great Crew Change” and layoffs experienced during the extended decline in oil prices.  Users are realizing that reliance on manual approaches or legacy pipeline scheduling solutions are no longer sustainable in today’s margin compressed markets, especially when relatively cost-effective automated pipeline scheduling solutions are readily available.

Pipeline scheduling solutions deployed across several process industries

Although pipeline scheduling solutions are being deployed in midstream oil & gas operations across the world, ARC found that adoption in pipelines serving chemical, upstream oil & gas, refining and operations related to natural gas-powered plants and local distribution companies (LDCs) was growing.  Natural gas pipeline and liquid pipeline operators were the primary users of pipeline scheduling solutions and there were varying degrees of adoption based on different regional industry or regulatory requirements and operational parameters.

Pipeline scheduling solutions are being enhanced by Digital Technologies

Many industries are being positively impacted by the advent of Industrial IoT-enabled technologies, and process industries, such as chemical, oil & gas, and refining, among others are now beginning to fully embrace the “Digital Transformation wave”.  Enhancements to functionality and performance made possible by more advanced analytics and communications are increasing the flexibility and attractiveness of pipeline scheduling solutions to a growing number of operators.

Comprehensive market intelligence on pipeline scheduling solution market now available

ARC recently released a new report covering the worldwide market for pipeline scheduling solutions.  Since the applications or functionality differed among natural gas pipelines versus liquid-based pipelines, ARC segmented the market for each to help pipeline operators understand the competitive landscape of suppliers that may be able to meet their specific requirements.  ARC was pleased to learn that some of our owner-operator clients that operate pipelines are already reviewing the research and learning more about the market dynamics and suppliers that create them.  We welcome their feedback and discussion and am interested in learning more from other operators and/or suppliers that are involved (or interested) in pipeline scheduling operations.  Please feel free to contact me at tshea@arcweb.com to discuss your perspectives or contact your respective firm’s client manager to learn more.

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