Power of CMMS+ and Shiftconnector for Pharma Applications Unveiled by LLumin and eschbach at Pharma Manufacturing World Summit

Author photo: Inderpreet Shoker
ByInderpreet Shoker
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LLumin, the leading enterprise asset management and predictive maintenance CMMS+ software provider and its partner eschbach, the global software provider of the Shiftconnector manufacturing enterprise platform, will lead a PMWS 24 workshop on how shift communications integrated with preventive maintenance and asset management can improve product quality, enhance regulatory compliance and improve safety. The Pharma Manufacturing World Summit taking place on May 13th – 15th, 2024 in Boston, will host the Llumin and eschbach’s Workshop on May 15th in Room 2 at 11:20am. The two companies will also have subject matter experts at their booth 9 and 25 to answer any questions.

Shiftconnector for Pharma

CMMS+ combined with Shiftconnector can ensure prompt that prompt and precise communications to teams are delivered on any critical manufacturing deviations before they escalate into major instrumentation and equipment breakdowns. The solution helps keep production lines running smoothly and streamlined. Additionally, the system minimizes unplanned downtime, which can be extremely costly, and optimizes parameter conditions to maintain consistent product quality in complex drug manufacturing.

Preventive maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring efficient, high-quality, and safe operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It's a smart investment that can yield significant benefits. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) adds another level of capabilities for applications in pharma that is expanding in scope with regard to sustainability and plant optimization.

For further information on ARC research into the EAM and asset management market, see What is Asset Performance Management (APM)? | ARC Advisory Group (arcweb.com)

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