Probe Type Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer Added to Yokogawa’s OpreX Analyzer Lineup

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has developed the TDLS8200 probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer and will release it for sale on May 6 as part of its OpreX Analyzer family. While featuring the same low installation cost, high measurement stability, and high reliability of the preceding TDLS8100, the TDLS8200 will be able to simultaneously measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, and methane gas concentrations directly and at high speed. The TDLS8200 also will be enhanced this year with the release of a version that will be able to perform measurements in environments where temperatures range up to 850℃. This will enable the stable and simultaneous measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide, and methane in plant boilers and heating furnaces and thereby facilitate efficient combustion control and safe operation.

The features of new model include as follows:

  1. Efficient combustion and safety through stable and simultaneous measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide and methane
    The most significant feature of the TDLS8200 is its dual laser light sources and optics, which give it the ability to simultaneously measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, and methane concentrations for combustion control. Its direct measurement system relies on the use of lasers, which are easier to maintain than conventional sampling systems and are more robust than catalyst-based sensors. This ensures the stable, simultaneous, and lossless measurement of oxygen and carbon monoxide concentrations.
  2. Simple replacement of sampling system
    The model is a probe type product that is easy to install. An existing sampling point or probe can simply be swapped with the TDLS8200, which can be mounted at the same opening where the previous instrument was installed. As no additional sampling devices need to be installed, it has a very compact footprint.
  3. Planned release of enhanced version that will be capable of making measurements in environments with temperatures up to 850℃
    The TDLS8200 that is to be released on May 6 will be able to handle high temperatures of 600℃, meaning it can be used in applications, such as boilers and exhaust stacks. Due for release this year, an enhanced version of the TDLS8200 will be capable of performing measurements in temperatures ranging up to 850℃, opening up this instrument's use for applications such as heating furnaces.

The major target markets of the model include oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, iron and steel, and ceramics with applications of heating furnace and boiler combustion control and safety monitoring.

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