PTC  Launches the Latest Version of Asset 360 – ServiceMax Asset 360 24R1

Author photo: Inderpreet Shoker
ByInderpreet Shoker
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ServiceMax Asset 360

PTC officially launched the latest version of Asset 360 – ServiceMax Asset 360 24R1.  This update includes the following new or improved capabilities that strengthen IoT readiness and the mobile capabilities for technicians:

IoT-Readiness & Technical Attributes

  • Readily view and identify technical attributes for assets technicians are directly working on (through the Salesforce Field Service mobile app) for real-time insights and overall improvements for troubleshooting efficiency

  • Search technical attribute values across the entire installed base in Product Service Campaigns, a powerful enhancement impacting product recalls, service campaigns, and asset modifications

Mobile Components on the SFS Mobile App

  • Service Process Managers and Wizards are now available on the SFS mobile app, powered by ServiceMax Asset 360

  • This extends Asset 360’s comprehensive workflows and automation to mobile

  • Users can now access and update asset hierarchies via the SFS mobile app to gain enhanced flexibility and control

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