Quorum Software’s Acquisition of Landdox and Its Land Management Enhances Portfolio

By Tim Shea

Acquisition or Partnership

Quorum Software (Quorum) announced that it has acquired Landdox.  The acquisition brings together deep industry DNA and leading-edge architecture to empower energy companies to reimagine future land management.

A growing SaaS company, Landdox enhances Quorum’s capabilities through speed of innovation, adaptable business processes, and open software integration.  Landdox’s cloud-native architecture enables customers to innovate faster in today’s rapidly changing world.  Landdox includes self-service tools—customizable templates, user-defined provision and obligation tracking, and the ability to model any agreement or asset at scale— that make it easy to configure processes to adapt to the changing needs of the business.  And finally, Landdox supports integration with a secure API that can be activated in minutes, without IT overhead or ongoing support.

Landdox will become a key component of Quorum Upstream On Demand, a multi-tenant SaaS suite designed for upstream companies that need cost-effective solutions that are simple to deploy, easy to use, and do not require extensive IT resources to support.  Upstream On Demand solutions include:

  • Land Management – Buy, sell, and manage leases and agreements with integrated land management and GIS delivered in the cloud.
  • Accounting – Accelerate answers for critical business decisions with purpose-built, cloud-based accounting for oil and gas.
  • Well Lifecycle Reporting – Report drilling and completion operations, track field costs, and analyze performance with cloud-based well lifecycle reporting.
  • Production Operations – Increase field productivity and decrease LOE with a single cloud-based solution for SCADA, field data, and production allocations.
  • SCADA – Predict, prevent, and resolve issues faster with cloud-based software for real-time SCADA data, alarms, and well performance.
  • Document Management – Accelerate productivity with cloud-based document management to store, organize, and access all oil and gas documents online.

Landdox will serve as the land management foundation for the next phase of Quorum Upstream On Demand.


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