Real-time Communication via 5G with Profinet being Enabled by Siemens

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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Siemens is enabling the transmission of Profinet IO via a private 5G network. allowing data to be transmitted in real time for industrial applications. This is made possible by use of the VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) Communication via 5G with Profinettransmission technology in the Siemens Scalance 5G routers and security appliances.

VXLAN embeds the Profinet IO protocol, which is transmitted in Layer 2, into Layer 3 packets, which allows them to be transmitted across network boundaries. Since Layer 2 communication now takes place via 5G, a central controller can communicate with decentralized I/O modules on mobile devices, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), via Profinet in a private 5G network with no local controls used on the individual AGVs. This saves costs and reduces maintenance.  

Mobile activities in production facilities, such as Automated Guided vehicles (AGVs) used in intralogistics or mobile robots, increase flexibility in production and require reliable wireless communication for smooth and safe operation.  The Siemens Scalance MUM853-1 industrial 5G router for the control cabinet connects local industrial applications with public 5G and 4G (LTE) mobile networks. Using the router, plants, machines, controls, and other industrial devices can be monitored and maintained remotely via a public mobile network at high data rates. In addition, the device can be integrated into private 5G networks.

First tests in the private 5G test field at the trade fair

Deutsche Messe and Siemens are giving all companies access to innovative Industrial 5G technology at the "5G Smart Venue" in Hanover. Companies can test their applications in a prototype of a private Industrial 5G standalone test network based on Release 15. This is an industrial 5G network that uses the spectrum for campus networks available in Germany (3.7 – 3.8 GHz band). The first companies are already testing the network, for example the industrial ICT company HMS Networks has integrated sensors into the infrastructure via a controller and a 5G router.

Siemens is developing its own 5G ecosystem, which includes 5G infrastructure for private 5G networks and end devices. The 5G infrastructure is still under development and will be available in 2023.

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