Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging with Alejandro Burgana of OBE Power

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer

In a world rapidly embracing sustainable solutions, the wheels of innovation are turning towards a greener future.  In this episode, Jim  Frazer welcomes Alejandro Burgana, the co-founder of OBE Power, for an electrifying conversation that unveils the remarkable journey behind building a sustainable business around electric vehicle (EV) charging.


Episode Highlights:


  •  From Biofuels to EVs: Delve into Alejandro's inspiring background that led him to spearhead OBE Power's mission. Discover how his passion for the environment sparked his journey in biofuels production and his determination to provide a carbon-neutral solution for transportation.

  •  Charging for the Future: Uncover the inception of the groundbreaking idea of charging as a service even before electric vehicles were mainstream. Explore the current state of EV adoption and projections that suggest a 30% penetration rate by 2030, opening doors for unprecedented expansion.

  •  The Sustainability Algorithm: Learn about OBE Power's innovative algorithm that identifies the optimal number of charging points for various locations. Understand the differences between charging technologies and how OBE Power ensures you'll never wait for your vehicle thanks to their strategic targeting system.

  •  EVs: Beyond Transportation: Explore the potential of EVs as mobile power storage units, reducing costs for schools and facilities. Dive into the intricate balance between energy consumption, grid stability, and the exciting prospect of drivers trading excess energy.

  •  Pioneering Infrastructure: Alejandro shares insights into meeting ring infrastructure, battery technology, and smart metering, all contributing to a smarter and more interconnected charging network.

  •  Chargers that Endure: Discover the resilience of best-in-class EV chargers, designed to weather even the harshest conditions. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the evolving landscape of EV charging standards and why reliability is key.

  • Charging for the Future: Alejandro's vision for the future is painted vividly, as he discusses the anticipated 30-fold growth in the EV industry by 2030. Learn about incentives, market trends, and the increasing accessibility of electric vehicles.

This podcast episode is an eye-opening exploration of the sustainable evolution taking place in the electric vehicle charging realm. Whether you're a fervent supporter of renewable energy or a curious observer, " Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging with Alejandro Burgana" promises to leave you inspired and enlightened. Tune in to this electrifying episode and get ready to power up the future with knowledge and innovation!


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