Schlumberger Introduces Downhole Reservoir Testing and Oil and Gas Data Management Service

By Tim Shea

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Schlumberger Introduces Symphony Live Downhole Reservoir Testing

Schlumberger introduced Symphony live downhole reservoir testing, a technology platform that enables operational control of the downhole testing tool-string to deliver real-time downhole measurements.  Symphony testing reduces operational time and improves safety and efficiency while enabling informed decision making for better reservoir understanding and reduced field development planning uncertainty.

Symphony testing unites Muzic wireless telemetry with the downhole string, creating a digital solution that enables real-time control of the dynamic range of conditions during well testing operations.  The digitally enabled tool-string is customized for the test objectives to position, isolate, connect, measure, control, sample, select and profile the reservoir with real-time verification.

Extensive qualification of Symphony testing has been conducted offshore Asia, the Middle East and the North Sea.  In offshore Asia, Symphony testing delivered perforating and well testing services in a challenging shallow reservoir.  Using wireless control, Symphony testing eliminated the potential pumpout of a conventional drillstem testing (DST) tool-string that operates with pressure pulses.  By quickly modifying test sequences guided by real-time data, Symphony testing helped avoid sand production while maintaining a single run, saving the operator 24 rig hours.



Schlumberger Introduces Real-Time Oil and Gas Data Management Service

Schlumberger introduced its Performance Live digitally connected service that optimizes remote wellsite operations control while improving safety, efficiency and footprint.  The service includes technology and domain expertise within a digital ecosystem, leveraging cloud-based applications and automated data workflows through a secure and robust data network.

The Performance Live service provides customers with instant access to data and collaboration with domain experts, enabling faster, more informed decision making for directional drilling, well logging, formation testing and other oil and gas operations.  Automated end-to-end workflows simplify tasks that eliminate redundancy and deliver consistent service. In addition, the service increases operational safety and reduces carbon footprint with less travel and fewer personnel needed on location.

The Performance Live service is used by more than 60% of Schlumberger well drilling jobs worldwide and covering more than 18,000 runs in 2019.  In wireline operations, the Performance Live service covered more than 12,000 runs worldwide including more than 230 reservoir and well integrity evaluations offshore Norway in 2019.

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