Schlumberger Introduces the GAIA Digital Exploration Platform

By Tim Shea

Company and Product News

Schlumberger introduced the GAIA digital exploration platform at the 81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition.  The GAIA platform enables exploration teams to rapidly discover and access basin-scale data and manage their exploration opportunities.

The GAIA platform uses the power of the DELFI E&P cognitive environment to access data available from Schlumberger and other E&P industry data providers.  The GAIA platform provides a personalized user experience, enabling the explorationist to discover, visualize and interact with all the available data in a region or basin without compromising resolution and scale.  The GAIA platform enables clients to manage their exploration portfolios in line with their corporate strategies.  In addition, oil and gas regulators can utilize the platform to showcase their countries’ assets to potential operators.  Also, E&P industry data providers can provide their clients with subscription-based access to their data library.

Unique to the GAIA platform is the combination of a high-performance digital map for global data discovery and game-changing 3D visualization with streaming of basin-scale subsurface data.  The GAIA platform is designed to modern cloud security standards with full data encryption, federated single sign-on and 24/7 monitoring by dedicated cloud security operations centers.

The GAIA digital exploration platform provides access to more than 3 million km2 of 3D seismic surveys, 3 million km of 2D seismic lines, and other exploration data types from our partner network of leading seismic and well data providers.

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