​​​​​​​Schneider Electric Acquires Renewable Energy Platform Zeigo to Globally Expand Digital Procurement Capabilities

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
Acquisition or Partnership

Schneider Electric announced that it has acquired start-up climate-tech renewable energy platform Zeigo to help enhance the company’s digital capabilities in energy, sustainability, and environmental commodity Renewable Energy Platformconsulting. The acquisition will complement Schneider Electric’s portfolio of clean energy services and solutions and help to advance the company’s digital energy transformation ambitions.

By combining Zeigo’s AI capabilities with its existing advisory services, Schneider Electric will deploy enhanced collaborative intelligence in the energy and environmental commodity procurement process, which is a strong complement to existing Schneider Electric solutions for aggregation and digital platforms, such as EcoStruxure Resource Advisor and NEO Network.

The acquisition of the Zeigo machine learning algorithm and 20-person team further contributes to Schneider Electric’s position as an experienced corporate renewable energy advisor, an area where the company commands a strong position in the US, Europe, Australia, and emerging geographies, like Brazil.

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