Schneider Electric Collaborates with UL Solutions to Advance Indoor Environmental Quality

Author photo: Craig Resnick
ByCraig Resnick
Acquisition or Partnership

Schneider Electric announced a new relationship with UL Solutions to help advance indoor environmental quality by offering its customers access to inspection and testing services that meet the scope requirements of the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark.

UL Solutions’ Verified Healthy Building program helps business and building owners communicate their Indoor Environmental Qualitycommitment to maintaining healthier indoor environments and report their efforts to a growing contingent of stakeholders, including investors, tenants, government agencies and consumers. The Verified Healthy Building program features three tiers that examine different factors against applicable science criteria. The highest tier, Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Environment, assesses indoor air quality and water quality as well as building cleanliness, lighting, and acoustics. The program also incorporates the criteria of other green building initiatives to provide a more holistic view of sustainability progress.

For industries, such as healthcare where success is even more reliant on wellness, these businesses can use the Verified Healthy Building program to help distinguish hygiene and sanitary practices with science-based verification of their indoor air quality and environmental safety standards.

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