SecurityMatters Releases SilentDefense 3.10, An ICS Network Monitoring and Situational Awareness Platform

By Larry O'Brien

Company and Product News

SecurityMatters announced the release of a new version of its ICS network monitoring and situational awareness platform, SilentDefense. According to the company’s press release, the new release - SilentDefense 3.10 - brings several benefits to its users:

  • Effortless analysis and tracking of network assets and their behavior

  • Extended ability to make networks and processes more efficient and cyber resilient

  • Easier and faster response to emerging threats


With more than five years of experience and over 80 deployments across multiple continents in all major verticals, SilentDefense is a mature and enterprise-ready platform. SilentDefense 3.10 builds upon the success of its predecessor and includes new modules and features that enhance network visibility and detection of ICS-specific problems and threats.

Some of the new features in SilentDefense 3.10 are:

  • Asset inventory and network map: identification and visualization on the interactive map of devices on Level 0 of the Purdue model, such as I/O modules

  • Industrial Threat Library: more than 150 additional out-of-the-box controls to identify device malfunction, potentially dangerous process operations, reconnaissance activity, breach attempts and exploits

  • Visual network analytics: pre-configured dashboards and views for major vendor installations to quickly identify problems and threats using simple graphs, with no specific industrial knowledge required

  • Threat analysis support: extended contextual information in alert details to support operators in root cause analysis and remediation

  • Threat hunting support: simplified modeling, search and analysis of suspicious behavioral patterns through API extension for more vendors, protocols and network events

  • Event logging: an extensible module to log network events of interest, such as remote access and authentication attempts, with the possibility of quickly visualizing and correlating trends among events


The release comprises many more features and capabilities, including specific solutions for Profinet installations.

Keywords: Asset Management, Network Visibility, Industrial Threat Library, ARC Advisory Group.

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