Siemens and TCS expand partnership to cover both MOM and PLM

By Valentijn de Leeuw

Acquisition or Partnership

TCS and Siemens Digital Factory recently briefed ARC about the two companies’ extended partnership.  In addition to delivering industry solutions on Siemens PLM software, TCS will now also deliver Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions, including functionalities in the four subdomains of production, quality, inventory, and maintenance.  TCS will provide consulting, implementation and deployment services.


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TCS’s vision of the modern, digitalized and connected value network, comprises:

1.   (horizontal) network integration among value chain partners,

2.   vertical integration of enterprise level business processes and IT, with operations and operational technology (OT),

3.   integration of innovation (design and engineering) with operations management, plus

4.   use of advanced analytics to capitalize on the increasing availability of sensor information.

The partnership with Siemens enables TCS to provide full coverage of the third element: integration of design and engineering, an essential component of the full solution set for the enterprise or network.  This complements TCS’s capabilities in applying enterprise solutions such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS).  A new TCS Center of Excellence in Pune (India) will showcase enterprise-wide digitalization solutions for the manufacturing industry.

ARC is very much looking forward to seeing the partnership deliver high-performing, integrated solutions, and will report on implementations when they become available for publication.

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