Siemens’ Digital Platform for Drive Systems

By Naresh Kumar Surepelly

Company and Product News

SIDRIVE IQ is Siemens’ digital platform for the evaluation and utilization of drive data based on their cloud-based open IoT operating system MindSphere.  With this platform, the users of networked drive system have immediate access to functionalities designed to support industrial production, maintenance, and other operations. It supports the increase of productivity, reliability and serviceability of complete drive systems throughout the lifecycle in a vast range of industrial applications.

The digital platform enables automated operation monitoring using system parameters and provides plant and machine operators with insights into the current status of their installed drive systems.  Relevant operating data is captured to determine the system’s current status using connectivity solutions for example “SIMOTICS Connect” for low-voltage motors.  This enables users to evaluate and fix operational malfunctions, and helps to take preventive actions for avoiding any unscheduled downtimes.

This platform provides users with greater transparency. For example, the interaction between measured data and digital twins using Sidrive IQ can make available measured values, operational KPIs, service messages, technical product data as well as spare part information.  This not only saves time and effort spent on data acquisition, but also simplifies visual analysis and speeds up qualified intervention during both production and maintenance operations.sidrive.jpg

Siemens’ digitalization portfolio includes a range of predefined service packages such as Digital Check, Connect Package, Expert Assistance, and Expert Diagnostics to digitally link the drive train.   With Sidrive IQ Services, the Digital Drive Train Services portfolio for drive systems provides a digital service spectrum from a single source, which is ideally tuned for individual customer needs.  

Siemens has plans to present this new Sidrive IQ digital platform using the example of a low-voltage drive system at Hannover Messe in April 2018. Also, the company has plans to launch Sidrive IQ functions for use with medium and high-voltage drive systems in the near future.

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