Siemens Digitalization Solutions to Connect Vedanta’s Power Plant Assets in India

By Sharada Prahladrao

Project Success Story

Siemens will implement Digital Fleet Center Solutions for Vedanta Ltd., India’s leading natural resources company, to connect its power plant assets at Talwandi Sabo Power Plant (TSPL) in Punjab and Bharat Aluminum Company Limited (BALCO) in Chhattisgarh. ’ Digital Fleet Center Solutions enable power plant fleet operators to seamlessly connect their power generation assets (turbines, generators, boilers and balance of plants), and leverage the power of vast amount of data generated by these machines. Digitally linking these critical power units to Vedanta’s monitoring station will help to analyze huge amounts of fleet data for continuous monitoring and diagnostics of these assets. This will enable proactive maintenance to help reduce unplanned outages; thereby, optimizing costs and increasing availability of Vedanta’s power assets. will initially provide three years of maintenance and service support to help ensure continued reliability and operational performance.

Innovation and sustainability are at the core of Vedanta’s strategy. As a part of that thrust, Vedanta uses digital technology extensively in mining and in increasing reliability and output of their plants and equipment. As a provider of integrated digitalization solutions across the production value chain, Siemens is delighted to partner Vedanta in its continuous journey of modernization of its power assets across India. Digitalization has a huge role to play in India’s demand for reliable, efficient and clean power, due to the increasing urbanization and industrialization.

Over the past years, Siemens’ remote diagnostic engineers have gathered data from thousands of machines across the globe. The Remote Diagnostic Centers (RDCs), in the last year alone, generated a large number of Proactive Notifications; 40 percent of which avoided forced outages and 20 percent transformed forced outages into planned activities. As a pioneer in the rapid growth of digitalization, Siemens is well-positioned to provide the digital solutions, experience and know-how these companies seek to help them manage costs and improve the availability of their energy assets.

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