Siemens and GENERA to Cooperate in Digital Light Processing for Additive Manufacturing

By David Humphrey

Acquisition or Partnership

GENERA, a global player in highly automated resin based additive manufacturing technologies, and Siemens are cooperating in a comprehensive partnership. The aim is to accelerate the adoption of the Digital Light Digital Light ProcessingProcessing Technology for large-scale production of industrial applications. The sweeping collaboration will touch many aspects of GENERA`s business and is going to benefit end-users in a variety of ways.

The cooperation involves the integration of Siemens technology in GENERA digital light processing systems, including operational technology, information technology, and automation. In addition, GENERA digital light processing solutions will be fully integrated into Siemens simulation and planning tools for factory design. For example, Siemens Digital Twin tools are now used to simulate all combinations of the GENERA print and post processing machines G2 and F2 and global plant planning, enabling fast and reliable decisions for factory planning.

The two companies will also be working on specific industrial-scale projects involving data handling and environmental, health and safety topics. For example, both companies work on designing the clean and safe large-scale production of electronic plug-in connectors made with a recently approved innovative UL 94 V-0 photoresin from specialty chemicals company ALTANA. This first prototype in a series of flame-retardant materials can also be post-processed with demineralized water instead of potentially environmentally harmful solvent-based washing fluids.

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