Siemens Launches Sinumerik Applications at AMB 2018 in Stuttgart

By David Humphrey

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Siemens Launching the First Sinumerik Edge Applications for Machine Tools

As part of Siemens Industrial Edge, Siemens is launching applications for Sinumerik Edge, the machine-level platform specially designed for the machine tool industry, at AMB 2018 in Stuttgart (18 - 22 September 2018).  This is the first opportunity to see the Edge application Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal for use in trochoidal milling.

Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal provides users with updates for the existing NC program, optimized machining processes, and sustainability for retrofit applications using dynamic machine data and corresponding data inputs.  This leads to reduced tool wear, improved machine lifetimes, and thus to lower overall inventory costs which in turn increases machine availability, leading to significant productivity gains.  High-performance Sinumerik Edge technology makes all this possible.  Computation is based on individual, optimal machine and axes-based dynamic data.  A control-based interface allows the machine to be programmed directly using Sinumerik Edge-based computational power.  This prevents any adverse effects on the machine’s machining performance which optimizes the process.  Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal is particularly suitable for use with older machines as it reduces the mechanical wear in the machine considerably.

A prototype of another Edge application for condition monitoring is also being shown. Users can quickly find the correct tool and identify real problems, whether current or imminent (for example causes of friction), and improve or correct machine operation by adjusting the settings. The use of this Sinumerik Edge application also significantly increases machine tool availability and thus productivity.

With Siemens Industrial Edge, Siemens is offering users the chance to close the gap between classic, local data processing and cloud-based data processing to suit individual requirements.


Siemens Offers More Efficiency and Flexibility through new Sinumerik Integrate Applications

Siemens is also presenting two new applications for the open digitalization platform Sinumerik Integrate under the banner “Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing – Implement now!” at AMB 2018.  Using the Manage MyResources application, the complete tool cycle can be displayed for use in the CAD/CAM CNC chain.  This provides the customer with a range of benefits including increased tool life.  When combined with Manage MyResources, the user gains direct access to a set of NX CAM parameters using the second new application, Optimize MyProgramming /NX CAM Editor on Sinumerik, and can easily optimize and modify the NC programs generated there.  The two new applications contribute to the highest possible level of tool availability and therefore to avoiding machine down time.  Consistent digitalization solutions such as Sinumerik Integrate allow businesses in the machine tool industry to increase flexibility and production efficiency significantly, to reduce their development and launch times considerably, and thus to improve their competitiveness on the global market.

Manage MyResources is a software solution for visualizing the tool cycle – from setting, through tool storage, to the machine – as well as a program management tool to support the whole CAD/CAM CNC chain.  The application makes resource optimization particularly easy.  Optimize MyProgramming /NX CAM Editor allows the user to optimize and modify NC programs produced in CAM directly via the machine controller and to produce a 3D preview of the tool path.  This provides an intuitive and transparent illustration of a range of 3D geometrical parameters and simplifies the identification and correction of errors within the overall process.  A unique element is that the data is also updated in NX CAM once the machine has been optimized.

Sinumerik Integrate, together with MindSphere, the cloud-based IoT operating system, and Siemens Industrial Edge, form three open, consistent digitalization platforms from Siemens.  Machine builders and users can now experience how digitalization is implemented during manufacture as well as the potential it has to offer.  Either on their own or in combination, these platforms offer the user the option of displaying the whole value chain in a digital format and of using the whole band width from server-based applications at the same location as the machine, to cloud-based, data-driven applications.

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