Stratus and NEC Extend Partnership on Next Generation Fault Tolerant Computing

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

Stratus Technologies announced an agreement with NEC Corporation that extends their partnership to bring next generation fault tolerant computing platforms to the market. This agreement follows decades of collaboration on the Fault Tolerant Computingdevelopment of and delivery of the Stratus ftServer, a fully integrated continuously available computing platform, and the NEC Express5800 Enterprise Server, designed for large-scale virtualization and database workloads.

As demands on digital operations continue to intensify, businesses will need more efficient and secure ways to consolidate software applications within single, fault tolerant platforms that run those applications continuously without loss of data due to unplanned or planned downtime. Additionally, requirements will grow for application transparency, health monitoring, simplified deployment, and support and maintenance; among other capabilities that are required within enterprise, regional and local data centers, such as financial services and telecommunications, as well as edge operations, such as Oil & Gas terminals, train stations, smart buildings, manufacturing floors, and retail stores. This partnership will result in future fault-tolerant computing platforms sold by both Stratus and NEC that are designed specifically to address these requirements and capabilities.

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