Tool Tracking Application for Industrial Machinery Announced by ei3

Author photo: Patrick Arnold
By Patrick Arnold
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Industrial IoT developer and solution provider ei3 has announced their new application “Tool Tracking”. This new addition to ei3’s suite of applications transforms the way industrial tools are used and managed, Tool Trackingoffering manufacturers heightened control and insight to help prevent defects, productivity loss, and recalls.

Tool Tracking enables users to monitor tools and the machines that host them in real-time, providing manufacturers with a greater understanding of their tool utilization and alerting them when replacement or maintenance is needed. Increasing the visibility of connected tools empowers manufacturing experts to ensure they are being allocated correctly, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

Tool Tracking is vendor agnostic, allowing its use with a wide range of industrial machines and different tooling suppliers.

ei3’s IIoT portfolio includes no-code applications and AI solutions geared towards improving industry intelligence, efficiency, and sustainability.

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