Top Drivers for MES

By Janice Abel

Industry Trends

MES Solves the GAP between Automation, ERP, and other digital technologies Manufacturing execution systems (MES) continue to be a hot technology in the process industries because of their ability to help optimize production for operational excellence. Manufacturers continue to focus on driving waste out of their operations by utilizing better integration tools to eliminate silos, simplifying and improving workflow, and standardizing on technologies and processes that help reduce costs and improve sustainability.  Whether implemented "in the Cloud," or in a more traditional on-premise manner, MES is often a critical technology for achieving those objectives. MES also supports quality management and traceability, regulatory compliance, more efficient planning and scheduling, and manufacturing intelligence and analytics. Increasingly, today's MES solutions integrate new technologies to further extend their capabilities, improving users' business case for deployment. ARC's latest market research on MES for the process industries explores these trends and drivers and includes information on the leading suppliers to this market.  

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