Universal mCloud and Cypress Envirosystems Partner to Initially Target Large Institutional Buildings in Canada Using AssetCare AI&A Cloud Solution

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Universal mCloud Corp., a provider of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics (AI&A) and IoT-connected asset care technology, announced that it has signed a partnership with a Silicon Valley-based Cypress Envirosystems Inc.  Cypress’ patented, non-invasive pneumatic-to-digital controller is reportedly the only technology available that effectively upgrades legacy non-digital energy control systems without significant disruption.

An estimated 70 percent of North America facilities are still using legacy pneumatic-based control systems, which prevents them from effectively using IoT based smart building solutions.  The mCloud-Cypress combined offering will immediately enable powerful, IoT-cloud-based smart-building monitoring solutions for the large legacy market.

According to Statistic Canada’s Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use 2014, the highest number of buildings with the most intense levels of energy use are in the hospital, food & beverage, retail and office space sectors. By utilizing Cypress’ pneumatic-to-digital technology, mCloud, in partnership with TELUS, can now provide IoT solutions for buildings to help reduce no less than 10 percent of annual energy consumption when optimally connected and AI controlled.  This will allow both mCloud and Cypress to expand the servable market to include the highest energy intensity buildings in Canada.

Cypress Envirosystems is a high profile clean technology company based in the Silicon Valley that has invented a unique wireless thermostat that replaces existing pneumatic thermostats in minutes.  This enables real-time Direct Digital Control (DDC) functionality for lower energy consumption, less maintenance labor, and more comfort for building occupants.

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