Wind River Extends Embedded Security and Linux Portfolio with Acquisition of Star Lab

By Larry O'Brien

Acquisition or Partnership

Wind River announced its acquisition of Star Lab, a player in cybersecurity for embedded systems.  The acquisition broadens the comprehensive Wind River software portfolio with a system protection and anti-tamper toolset for Linux, an open source–based hypervisor, and a secure boot solution. Star Lab is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Wind River.  Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Specializing in cyber and anti-tamper security software for Linux, Star Lab provides embedded security for some of the most mission-critical systems, infrastructure, and equipment in the world.  While born and bred in aerospace and defense, its solutions can help tackle the hardest security challenges across critical infrastructure, including proactive protection of systems, even during sophisticated and targeted attacks that breach traditional defensive mechanisms.  Star Lab advances the Wind River strategy for delivering security across the system, from boot to deployment and operations.

Star Lab’s products are founded on a secure-by-design engineering philosophy, leveraging design patterns that reduce attack surface, isolate critical functionality and contain or mitigate even successful attacks. Its products, which are conformant with NIST 800-53 technical controls for federal information systems and consistently pass independent verification/validation testing, include the following:

  • Security Suite: The suite offers robust Linux cybersecurity and anti-tamper capabilities for operationally-deployed Linux systems and distributions.
  • Embedded Hypervisor: Designed specifically for use in open, hostile computing environments, the Xen-based hypervisor offers a secure open source virtualization solution for embedded mission systems.
  • Secure Boot: A measured-boot solution ensures that a device’s firmware and boot code is legitimate and has not been maliciously modified or manipulated.


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