Yokogawa Releases 4-wire Liquid Analyzer and Smart Adapter

By Shin Kai

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has added two new solutions to the OpreX Analyzers family with the development of the FLXA402 4-wire liquid analyzer and the SA11 Sencom smart adapter. The global release of the FLXA402 is set for October 17, and the SA11 will be released globally toward the end of this month. The FLXA402 can flexibly perform a variety of measurements and the SA11 comes with data conversion, transmission, calibration, and diagnosis functions. These two new liquid analysis products will be offered as part of the Sencom 4.0 series. It is expected that they will help to improve the efficiency of calibration and other maintenance tasks, and facilitate the flexible design and operation of liquid analysis data monitoring systems.

FLXA402 4-wire Liquid Analyzer

The FLXA402 can work with existing analog sensors (pH/ORP, conductivity, inductive conductivity, and dissolved oxygen), optical dissolved oxygen sensors, and the SA11 Sencom smart adapter and its dedicated sensors. By using the FLXA402 in combination with the SA11 adapter and the BA11 junction box, it is possible to connect up to five sensors, reducing both system cost and footprint. For the transfer of diagnostic data and other device information to a host system, the FLXA402 supports the HART7 and Modbus protocols. This solution also facilitates connection to the cloud and the construction of an Industrial IoT (IIoT) environment, for improved field maintenance.

SA11 Sencom Smart Adapter

The SA11 adapter has functions for data conversion, transmission, calibration, and diagnosis, and is intended for use with dedicated sensors. The SA11 supports the Modbus communications protocol. In addition to the FLXA402, the SA11 can connect directly to the UM33A-S digital indicator; the FieldMate versatile device management software; and control systems, recorders, and indicators that support the Modbus communication protocol. Using the SA11 adapter, it is easy to set up a system that can perform data monitoring, calibration, setting, and adjustment.

As the SA11 is able to store sensor calibration data and other types of digital information, it can be transferred to a laboratory or some other location that is safer and has better working conditions. This reduces the amount of maintenance work that needs to be performed in the field and helps to ensure that the device stays properly calibrated, thus reducing downtime.

Major target markets include process industries such as power, water supply, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, foods, iron & steel, pulp & paper, oil, petrochemicals, and chemicals, with such applications as controlling the quality of raw materials and products, and controlling the water quality in the waste water treatment process.

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