Yokogawa Releases OpreX Asset Health Insights with Enhanced Functionality and Alibaba Cloud Support

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the release of OpreX Asset Health Insights (2.0), an enhanced version of the company's cloud-based plant asset monitoring service, which is part of the OpreX Asset Management and Integrity family. In addition to having powerful new embedded asset monitoring and OpreX Asset Health Insightsmanagement functions, this latest version now supports implementation on Alibaba Cloud – Yokogawa’s first technical partnership with Alibaba Cloud. The original version of Asset Health Insights supported Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The Asset Health Insights service collects, refines, and aggregates operational technology (OT) data from distributed assets as well as process data, orchestrating them to form a single source of truth for real-time asset modeling and monitoring in a secured environment. This service gives organizations a 360-degree view of operational assets that eases the task of asset management and improves operational efficiency, performance, and decision-making.

Main features of the latest version are as follows:

Alibaba Cloud support
Full integration with Alibaba Cloud has been achieved. Asset Health Insights can now be hosted on Alibaba Cloud, and customers can also connect their existing data in Alibaba Cloud to Asset Health Insights, giving them unprecedented flexibility on where to host applications and data. Chinese language support has also been added, in addition to English, Japanese, and Korean.

2D and 3D graphics to improve operability
Both 2D and 3D process graphics are now supported, affording users greater flexibility in how to interactively visualize and display the status of assets such as pumps, motors, and chillers. Self-service tools that allow users to design location graphics and bind various types of real-time asset data are also provided.

ISA 18.2 compliant alarm management support
Based on the “Management of Alarm Systems for Process Industries” issued by the International Society for Automation (ISA), users can now create ISA 18.2 compliant alarms based on various parameters to standardize work processes. They can also check an audit trail to identify who acknowledged an alarm and when the alarm occurred.

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