Yokogawa Releases OpreX Operational Risk Management: Field Assistant R2.02 to Enhance Quality and Efficiency of Field Inspections

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that the company has developed OpreX Operational Risk Management: Field Assistant R2.02, an Android application that is intended for use during field inspections of industrial facilities, and released it in all markets other than Japan on June 11. A Japanese language version is scheduled to be released later this year.

With Field Assistant R2.02 installed on a generic Android tablet, personnel can enjoy access in the field to checklists, manuals, and many other kind of documents, thus increasing the quality and efficiency of the work performed during routine patrols of manufacturing sites.

Product Features

Field Assistant R2.02 can run on tablets that support Google's Android mobile operating system. Versions running under other operating systems are also planned to be released.

The main features of this new product are as follows:

  1. Access to digital checklists and related documents
    Via the Field Assistant R2.02 user interface, users can access both digital checklists and related documents such as operating manuals, specifications documents, and installation manuals. The use of digital checklists eliminates the cumbersome process of making handwritten entries and lessens the chance of data entry errors, and they are also easier to update. Pictures and videos can be taken easily, and inserted in a checklist.

    By attaching QR Code labels or near-field communications (NFC) tags to each piece of equipment and associating them with related documents in advance, users need only to scan the code label or tag with the tablet to view all the associated documents while performing a patrol. Auxiliary functions such as the issuance of alerts for abnormal readings are also provided.

    The checklists and related documents can also be downloaded from a server and saved on the tablet, so Field Assistant R2.02 can be easily used in places where there is no Internet access.
  2. Data linkage with Operations Management package
    Data accessed using Field Assistant R2.02 can be linked with the data that is recorded and managed using the OpreX Operational Risk Management: Operations Management software package. The Operations Management software assists plant operations and management personnel by facilitating the sharing of information on items such as unusual events, work progress, and operation workflows. By digitalizing and standardizing how this data is handled, this software helps plant personnel carry out their work correctly, safely, and efficiently, and thereby enhances corporate value.

    The data linkage between Field Assistant R2.02 and Operations Management allows manufacturing and maintenance personnel to better coordinate their activities. This improves the efficiency of operations management by managing the transfer of work instructions from operators to site staff. It also helps with producing handover reports and work reports containing pictures or videos taken on site.

Major Markets include industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, and fine chemicals where periodic field inspections by operators and maintenance staff are required.






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