Cybersecurity Strategies Workshops

Industrial control systems (ICS) with a multitude of microprocessors and networking components are at the heart of every modern industrial operation. A cyber compromise to any one of these control system elements could have serious consequences, including damage to physical assets, operational disruptions, safety incidents, and environmental compliance violations. More connectivity and use of industrial IoT are increasing the likelihood that such an event will occur.

ARC’s ICS Cybersecurity Strategy Workshops are focused on the unique challenges manufacturing managers face in controlling their investments in cybersecurity to ensure that facilities are safe and secure.  They learn how to evaluate cybersecurity programs and establish cost effective improvement roadmaps.

ICS Cybersecurity Workshop BrochureICS Cybersecurity Roadmap Workshop

Managers want secure facilities, but many are frustrated with their inability to evaluate investment requests and take control of programs that seem to be “chasing their tails.”  They don’t want to become cybersecurity experts, but they need to be sure that the safety and operational risks of cyber-threats are properly managed. 

ARC’s Cybersecurity Roadmap Workshop meets the needs of these managers.  They learn how to evaluate their real cyber risks and the cost-benefit tradeoffs of different cybersecurity actions.  Using ARC’s industrial cybersecurity maturity model they also learn how to assess existing cybersecurity programs and institute a rational roadmap for future investments in technology and resources.  This process focuses efforts on real and relevant (to the company) cyber threats and ensures that the organization maintains the associated risks at acceptable levels. 

Industrial Cyber-Challenges Are Unique

cybersecurity-maturity-model-450px.gifThe workshop is designed to help managers answer the following questions: 

  • What cyber threats should we really worry about?
  • What are the real risks to safety and operations?
  • How do we know if we are doing the right things?
  • How do we know when we have done enough?
  • How do we sustain our security posture?
  • What is ICS-CERT & how they can help you?

Cybersecurity Workshop Strategies Benefits

  • Understanding cyber risks and their criticality
  • Impact of standards, regulations, and compliance
  • Selecting the right mitigation actions
  • Developing an effective implementation roadmap
  • Aligning investments with cybersecurity maturity
  • Effective management of people, process, and suppliers

Take Control of Your Cybersecurity Program

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