Audience Engagement Services

ARC analysts are well known around the world, they can enhance attendance at your events and meetings by sharing their unique global perspective with your audience.  Following technology and industry events on a daily basis, ARC analysts have a broad range of expertise in all areas of enterprise, supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing applications.

In addition to our own Forums and Webcasts, our analysts actively participate in a large number of conferences, trade shows, webcasts, and other industry events worldwide.  These events include:

  • User Group Meetingsspeakers-bureau-0316collage3.gif
  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Sales and Partner Meetings
  • Business Planning and Strategy Meetings
  • Customer Webcasts

For a list of current speaking engagements by ARC analysts, please visit our Upcoming Industry Events page.   As a speaker at your user group meeting or other events, ARC provides a value-add, third-party perspective that will help you acquire the desired attendance, provide effective communication, and get individuals to take action.  ARC Audience Engagement Services include the following:

Keynote Speaker

For audience acquisition, having an ARC executive as your keynote speaker provides the outside view and strategic direction that will entice people to attend your event.  ARC's analysts are well known for their understanding of technologies, markets, and applications.  They have a view that maps technology change to user needs and gives a clearer view of future industry directions.

ARC Workshop

To go beyond nice presentations to taking action, an ARC workshop gives individual attendees a path.  Through a series of short presentations and exercises, each individual gets a chance to understand the application needs for their company and the benefits.  Your prospect is taken a long way through the sales cycle.


If you are delivering a Webcast, then featuring a leading ARC industry expert will improve your audience acquisition and add third party credibility.  The ARC analyst can educate the audience on the market space and benefits.  You would present your product and how it fits.  This is particularly useful for new product introductions to your sales team and to existing customers.

ARC's Speakers Bureau Service helps you identify and secure the right analyst for your next event.  This service will:

  1. Identify the best analyst based on topic and your specific needs
  2. Confirm analyst availability and manage briefing with the analyst
  3. Submit all presentation materials by due date
  4. Provide support for event promotion

Please contact your Client Manager or Contact ARC for more information on selecting an ARC analyst to participate in your event.


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