Presenting ARC's Eighteenth Annual Industry Forum in Japan
Industry in Transition: Navigating the New Age of Innovation

July 12, 2016 - Tokyo, Japan

Industrial companies are under a lot of pressure to produce more effectively, even though they don’t have unlimited resources.  Additionally, as business-to-business technologies further enable a true global economy, tremendous price pressures will force manufacturers to drive any inefficiencies out of their processes to stay competitive.  Taking new approaches cannot be postponed, while new technologies constantly change the rules of the game, offering the potential to achieve quantum improvements in process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

connected-enterprise-275px.jpgExpressed by using terms such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Smart Manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, Digitalization, and Connected Enterprise, these concepts are clearly moving past the mere concept stage to the point where real solutions are emerging, backed by strong associated business cases.

At this unique event, successful global leaders will speak of their strategies, technologies, and business practices on the following topics:

  • Connected Devices, Smart Sensing with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/Industrie 4.0
  • Cybersecurity and Safety Integrated Automation Systems
  • Predictive Maintenance/Analytics/Asset Performance Management
  • Next-Generation Production Systems and Operation Systems

The panel discussion supported by The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) will present a second stage of discussion, titled, “The Challenges in Achieving the Information-Driven Production System.”

Forum participants typically include over 200 senior industry executives, directors and managers from across the global manufacturing, engineering, IT operations and maintenance, utilities and social infrastructure operations, and supply chain/logistics communities; also in attendance are representatives from academia and the business trade media.



Following is the schedule for the forum.

Session 1:  Global Trends and Visions

​9:30 AM

Opening Remarks

      Shuji Abe, VP & GM ARC Japan, ARC Advisory Group​

9:35 AM

S1: Keynote: "Industry in Transition: Navigating the New Age of Innovation"

Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

10:05 AM​ Coffee Break​

Session 2:  New Technologies and Strategies

​ ​10:35 AM

S21: " Smart Manufacturing IIoT–Industrie 4.0"

      Christine Frank, Sr. Consultant, Industrial Strategic Partnerships, SME Global – IoT Solutions, Dell

S22: "A (Not So) New Approach to Capital Project Execution"

      Leandro Henrique Monaco, Global Product Manager 800xA Electrical Control System, ABB

S23: "Improved Availability and Damage Avoidance at a Water Treatment Plant Using
         Asset Analysis"

      Michel Gnaba, Application Expert Mechatronics, Schaeffler Japan
      Hajime Sugiyama, Global Alliance Coordinator, Overseas Business Strategy, e-F@ctory Strategy and 
            Business Planning Project, Factory Automation Systems Group, Mitsubishi Electric

12:30 PM


Lunchtime Session 2L: Cybersecurity

       "Securing the Industrial Internet of Things"

       Ilan Kieselstein, APAC Sales Director, Waterfall Security Solutions

Session 3: Challenges for the Information Driven Enterprise

1:30 PM

S31: "Super Smart Society – Control, Measurement, and System Integration –"

      Shigeki Sugano, Vice President of the SICE, Dean, School of Creative Science and 
            Engineering Professor, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University

S32: "Connecting IT, OT and ET for Asset Performance Modeling"

      Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director, Process and Resources, Bentley Systems

S33: "Use of Big Data in IIoT: Modeling Technology and Application for Cost and
       Quality Optimization"

      Mitsunori Fukuzawa, Incubation Dept., Innovation Center Marketing HQs, Yokogawa Electric

​3:15 PM Coffee Break​
Session 4:  Panel:  Issues and Challenges for Information Driven Production Systems
3:45 PM​

Featured Panel Session: "Future of Plants Leveraging Emerging IoT and Developing
       Measurement Systems"

      Moderated by: Go Suzuki, Vice Division Manager of SICE Industrial Application Division, SICE

      "Next Deployment Discussion of Automation System on the Latest
       Smart Manufacturing Global Trend"
      Panelist: Youichi Nonaka, Senior Chief Researcher, Center for Technology
            Innovation - Production Engineering, Research & Development Group, Hitachi

      "Latest Trend and Future Development of Oil and Gas Plant Control System and Engineering"
      Panelist: Nobuyuki Arai, Principal Instrumentation & Control Engineer,
            Instrumentation & Control Dept., Engineering Div., JGC

      "Developing Control System of LNG Terminal with IT"
      Panelist: Keisuke Inoue, Manager, Technical Solutions Sect., Regasification &
            Power Generation Dept., Tokyo Gas

6:00 - 7:30 PM​  ​Buffet Party



The Forum is held at KFC Hall.

6-1, Yokoami-1,
Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015
Phone: +81-3-5610-5801

Format of the Forum Sessions

Presentations and discussions will be in both Japanese and English with simultaneous translation.


Business casual attire is suggested.

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