Strategies and Technologies for a Successful Asset Integrity Management Program

Asset-intensive organizations around the world are under increasing pressure from their stakeholders to increase profitability, reduce costs, ensure safety, and maximize stakeholder value.  As a result, operators are constantly trying to find ways to maximize output from their assets while maintaining the integrity of those assets in a cost-effective manner.  In this context, the concept of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) becomes relevant.  Asset integrity management is a standard of operating that aims to ensure that assets deliver the required function and level of performance in a sustainable manner without compromising safety.

The aim of this session is to highlight the importance of AIM systems and programs for asset-intensive industries, especially oil & gas, and discuss some of the key features of a successful AIM program.  The session would also cover leading technologies that are helping owner-operators strengthen their AIM programs. 

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 3 (Oceans 12)