Leveraging IIoT and Operational Analytics to Realize Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

Over the last several years, oil & gas companies have faced almost unprecedented price volatility in oil & gas and are struggling to find any way or means to drive the cost per barrel of oil lower, to increase production and EUR, improve employee productivity in the “Great Crew Change” era, and improve collaboration within both the internal and external ecosystems that comprise the upstream and midstream oil & gas value chain. 

This session is designed to enable users and operators share their trials, tribulations, and success stories on how they have started their journey towards digital transformation by deploying digital technologies such as advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning and other innovative solutions designed to address one or many applications or challenges and realized operational improvements.  Some will address the real and perhaps perceived obstacles (i.e. cybersecurity, data or communications interoperability, lack of standards, etc.) that may inhibit more companies from embracing digitization more quickly.

Users will share the challenges and benefits (i.e. ROI, increased production, lower TCO, lower $/boe, etc.) that they realized during their journey on the path towards operational excellence.  Applications discussed include drilling optimization, well monitoring and optimization, artificial lift/pump optimization, compressor and turbine optimization, pipeline management optimization, and supply chain optimization.

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 5 (Oceans 10)