Managing Operations Lifecycle Digital Transformation from Automated to Autonomous

The process industry has evolved plant operations using well integrated and applied Operations Technology (OT) such as Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).  Most have paid attention to safe operation from both the equipment and human factors point of view.  This session focuses on answering the questions: "Have you assessed the current situation of your operations to determine if investments in new digital technology will provide you the benefits?  Have you selected the right automation technology and service provider to help you with your "Digitalization Journey"?  

Further advances in technology is becoming available that will move these process operations from "Automated" to "Autonomous".  This move presents the opportunity to further advance safe operations while improving the overall business value creation.  Furthermore, autonomous operations could solve the growing issue of finding qualified personnel to run these facilities 24/7.  With Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven autonomous systems making both normal and abnormal decisions, the burden can be removed from humans.

Who should attend:  Process Industry owner-operators that are looking to advance their overall operations efficiency and effectiveness while improving safe operations.  This session will include speakers with real-world experience in utilizing advanced Operation Technology (OT) with business objectives. ​​

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 1 (Oceans 6&8)