Robotic Process Automation at Ryder System; Transactional Process Automation at Dow

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that is used to automate high volume, repeatable tasks.  RPAs do this by performing the same computer keystrokes and opening the same modules humans do.  Ryder System has gotten a great ROI by using the technology to automate a legacy planning system. ​

Dow is extending automation to higher level decisions for which robotic process automation is not well suited.  In particular, Dow's focus is automating order transactions and the related material flows that support these transactions.  Dow's insight is that the methods they used to automate batch manufacturing could be applied to order fulfillment transactions.  All that experience Dow has in batch control can be useful.  By applying that methodology, Dow can approach transactional process automation in a more structured manner. 

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