Agenda 2021

Following is the schedule for the Forum.  All times are Eastern Time.

Monday, February 8 - Pre-Forum Workshops

  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
10:00 AM       Industrial Cybersecurity - Today and Tomorrow - Part 1
12:00 PM   Digital Transformation Council (DTC) Annual Meeting Media Session for Media Participants Industrial Cybersecurity - Today and Tomorrow - Part 2
1:45 PM Fortinet Workshop: Business Continuity Strategies for Securing Industrial Control Systems
3:00 PM     Media Session for Media Participants IT-OT Cybersecurity Convergence Workshop - People and Processes

Tuesday, February 9

  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
9:00 AM Yokogawa Workshop: Defining Optimal Enterprise Architectures
Schneider Electric Workshop: A Resilient and Sustainable Future (End Users Only)
10:00 AM Keynote Session      
12:00 PM Keynote Session      
1:45 PM AspenTech Workshop: Zeroing in on Process Health - How to Increase Availability by 20+% in 3 Months with APM
OPC Workshop: OPC UA as an Enabler for Digital Transformation - Status and Roadmap
3:00 PM Open Process Automation: Report from the Labs The Transformation Imperative How to Build an Industrial Workforce for a Digital World IT-OT Cybersecurity Convergence Workshop - Cybersecurity Technologies

Wednesday, February 10

  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
9:00 AM GE Digital Workshop: Building the Business Case for Analytics Driven Operational Excellence
10:00 AM Keynote Session: Digital Transformation End Goal: Competitive Excellence      
12:00 PM IT/OT Convergence: A Foundation for Digital Transformation - Part 1 The Sustainability Future for Energy and Chemicals Building an Effective Workforce through Diversity and Inclusion in Industry Cybersecurity Case Studies - Part 1
1:45 PM Stratus Workshop: Rationalizing Cost, Payback, and Criticality of Edge Computing for Industry 4.0 Automation Initiatives
SAP Workshop: SAP Industry 4.Now - SAP’s Strategy to Accelerate Industry 4.0/ IIoT Adoption and Achieve Outcomes at Scale
3:00 PM Preparing for the New Normal - Transformation from Automated to Autonomous Digital Twins for Improving Operations and Maintenance Strategies for Connecting Thousands of Factory Assets Cybersecurity Case Studies - Part 2

Thursday, February 11

  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
10:00 AM Open Process Automation: Where Will End Users Find Value? The Role of 5G and Private Wireless in Digitally Transformed Architectures The Connected Worker: Together, Augmented Reality and Remote Monitoring Drive Operation Performance Manufacturing and Operations Innovation for the Digital Transformation
12:00 PM Strategies for Data-driven Digital Transformation in the Plant Additive Manufacturing to the Rescue: Innovative Ways to Drive Performance Remote Connected Worker Today and in the Future Taking Enterprise Asset Management to the Next Level
1:45 PM Microsoft Workshop: Digital Transformation Disruption in Manufacturing
3:00 PM Here They Come! The Escalating Role of the Hyperscalers in Industrial Operations ML and Analytics in Operations and Maintenance Operator Training for High Consequence Processes IT/OT Convergence: A Foundation for Digital Transformation - Part 2

Tuesday, February 16 - Wednesday,  February 17

Supply Chain Program     Energy & Cities Program