Best Practices in Smart Manufacturing

Often, the first step of a company’s digital transformation journey is to make sure that they are taking a smart manufacturing approach. But what exactly is smart manufacturing, and what kinds of best practices, technologies, tools, and solutions are available to help manufacturers not only begin their digital transformation journey, but also to help a manufacturer successfully deploy and scale a smart manufacturing approach to be able to not only adopt the latest technologies, but also navigate any technical and cultural challenges.  In this session, speakers from leading manufacturers will go over various case studies and highlight what were the best practices, technologies, tools, and solutions that have helped these companies successfully deploy a smart manufacturing approach as part of their digital transformation journey, as well as what hurdles were faced and overcome, what significant business value was created, and what lessons were learned to provide the audience with knowledge that can help them improve and enhance their own factory’s digital transformation journeys and smart manufacturing approaches.

Wednesday PM
S3: 2 PM Track 2 (Oceans 5&7)