Grid Automation Talks: Digital Substation 2.0

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By replacing copper wires with fiber optic cables, the Smart Digital Substation enables utilities to reduce their carbon footprint with a smaller site and plan the next steps in their digital journey by employing digital technology and analytics in their operations today. The Smart Digital Substation provides you with next-level capabilities including actionable insights and a more complete view of your operations. 

Substations are cornerstones of the electrical grid! Get empowered with your offline and online data. Join this Grid Automation Talks episode and to learn:

  • What is the evolution from Digital Substation to Smart Digital Substation?

  • How to move from Digitization to Digitalization of a substation

  • What are the benefits for utilities when shifting towards a smart digital substation model? From increased cybersecurity, safety and reliability to improved asset reliability and availability, reduced installation time and maintenance

  • Key industry standards IEC 61850, PAS55 and ISO 55000