Redefining Industrial Automation

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Event Location Online @11:30 AM (India) | 2 PM (Singapore)
Event Type Webinar
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As IT continues its inevitable penetration down into the realm of OT, the traditional proprietary world of industrial automation is transforming into one that is increasingly software-defined, open, data-centric, and secure by design. For industrial companies, the benefits that lie ahead include improved performance, reduced complexity, and lower costs. Join experts from ARC Advisory Group, Red Hat, and Intel at this ARC Asia Best Practices Webinar as they discuss the evolution into this new open world, key industry initiatives and collaborations, and the implications for both end users and technology suppliers as industrial automation gets redefined.   

Harry Forbes has 30 years of experience in automation, power generation, energy management, modeling and simulation, advanced control, and optimization. At ARC Advisory Group his research topics include DCS integration and architecture, smart grid, industrial wireless, industrial Ethernet, and emerging technologies. He also leads ARC’s coverage of the Open Process Automation initiative, which is increasingly seen as a game changer for the industry and actively supported by major automation and software technology suppliers.

David Rapini brings over 25 years of relevant experience into his latest role of leading Red Hat’s strategy into the realm of industrial automation. At Rockwell Automation he led the PlantPAx product management team driving business strategy and growth initiatives. His expertise and experience encompasses industrial networks, motion control, discrete and process control systems, as well as field projects ranging from ultra high-speed packaging equipment to large greenfield process startups.

Darren Blue has held numerous positions both technical and business oriented over the course of his 27-year career at Intel Corporation. His current role of Director of Software Defined Industrial Systems resides within the Industrial and Energy Solutions division under the Internet of Things Group. Darren has been a leader for new technology business startups within Intel, including server, Intel crosspoint memory, storage, and silicon photonics. Prior to joining Intel, Darren was a manufacturing project engineer for Thomson Multimedia.