A Digital Twin for the Outdoor Lighting Industry

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By Jim Frazer


Evari GIS Consulting’s EvariLUX digital twin visualization tool offers a new approach to comprehensive project planning, deployment, and post-installation validation that dramatically lowers total cost of ownership (TCO), while substantially increasing stakeholder satisfaction.

The EvariLUX Lighting Digital Twin

The EvariLUX digital twin visualization tool developed by Evari GIS Consulting provides a holistic and integrated view into regional lighting design by supporting the user needs of all major stakeholders through its integration of Outdoor Lighting Industryphotometrics with traditional Geographic Information Systems’ (GIS) 3D, web-based environment. EvariLUX was developed in response to the needs of dozens of Evari GIS outdoor lighting clients over the last ten years, totaling over two million lights supported, and represents a major step forward in breaking down some of the barriers faced when developing, presenting, and implementing citywide lighting designs.

Input on the tool has been received from the design community, city officials, and the public. Using existing pole and proposed fixture information, an EvariLUX visualization can help inform:

  • Design and Engineering professionals who are often tasked with citywide design that requires more than simple typical applications. EvariLUX provides a quick solution to model the way in which proposed designs illuminate a digital copy of the project area. EvariLUX can be used to enhance AGI32-based designs by supporting topographic elevations, parcel databases and other GIS/CAD layers as well as three-dimensional representations of buildings and other structures.
  • Installation and Commissioning – EvariLUX drives sophisticated asset management, so fixtures and related components are installed correctly, and in the right location. For example, to satisfy a requirement that light reaches the keyhole of a front door but not above.

Outdoor Lighting Industry

  • Post Installation Verification and Validation – EvariLUX can manage operational data from the date of installation to any user-defined points in the future. This approach allows monitoring of lumen degradation from dirt depreciation, electrical anomalies, operational wear, and various other factors.

EvariLUX Value Proposition

EvariLUX digital twin solutions satisfy the needs listed above, and many others. These include:

  • Reduction in Liability Issues: By providing and documenting the level of light in a more accurate and intuitive interface.
  • Energy Conservation: By knowing exact topographies, building and structure sizes and locations as well as three-dimensional fixture position, lighting levels can be adjusted and often reduced to optimal performance levels to ensure that the correct and safe amount of light is supplied to the area.
  • Code Compliance: For both private and public outdoor lighting applications, local, state and national building codes must be supported. EvariLUX’s unique approach can enhance code compliance and can reduce the cost of compliance.

Outdoor Lighting Industry

  • Fast and Accurate Design Generation: By using three-dimensional maps, GIS information, and IES light distribution files.
  • Greater Efficiency: By responding to residents’ complaints to new designs and then installing and commissioning - for example, potential light trespass problems can be identified before the new fixture is installed.
  • Environmental Support: The need to support location specific environmental concerns, in terms of turtle habitat, migratory birds, and even agricultural issues.
  • Enhanced Public Support: The need for enhanced public and other stakeholder support of proposed projects achieved through approval of digital twin visualizations.

About Evari GIS Consulting

Evari GIS Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2009 with the mission of bringing value to clients through high quality implementation of geographic information systems (GIS) and related technologies.

Evari GIS has extensive experience in the private, nonprofit and government sectors. They focus on aligning project business needs with effective GIS implementation by obtaining a clear understanding of project specific requirements and industry-standard best practices. EVari GIS custom systems, services, and products provide clients straightforward and intuitive ways to interact with, visualize and analyze geographic data. Evari GIS leverages the Esri Technology Stack (ArcGIS) and the Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing platform for a broad range of municipal GIS applications including planning, traffic, street lighting, infrastructure, utilities, stormwater, AEC and asset management projects.


EvariLUX by Evari GIS Consulting can significantly improve the outdoor lighting lifecycle in the design phase, the installation phase, and the operational maintenance phase. It addresses many end user needs that have not been supported by an integrated software platform to date. This powerful feature set is truly unique. It builds upon the long successful history of Evari GIS.


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