Does Deep Sea Mining Have A Role In The Energy Transition?

Author photo: Gaven Simon
By Gaven Simon

Episode description: In today’s episode of the ARC Sustainability Podcast, Gaven Simon, ARC analyst, is joined by Erica Ocampo, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Metals Company. They sit down to discuss deep sea mining, where it originated, and what it looks like today. The two speak about traditional mining and the environmental concerns, human right issues, and dwindling mineral reserves.

Erica shares The Metals Company technology, sustainability programs, and how they plan on transitioning into a recycling company. The conversation touches upon the International Seabed Authority, and the role they play in facilitating relationships between sponsor countries and companies such as TMC. Lastly, Erica shares plans on how The Metals Company plans to be one of the first companies to apply for a commercial contract this summer. 




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