Is the Future on All Fours? Understanding Boston Dynamics' Spot  

Author photo: Gaven Simon
By Gaven Simon

In today’s installment of ARC’s sustainability podcast, hosts Jim Frazer and Gaven Simon speak to Roger Hebert of Boston Dynamics. ARC’s sustainability podcast is dedicated to bringing our listeners the most cutting edge and inspiring stories in the supply chain, manufacturing, and of course sustainability space. Roger is the industrial inspection sales manager for Boston Dynamics and has extensive industrial manufacturing experience. Within this episode Roger speaks about his career, Boston Dynamics story, and the application of its products in the real world.


Boston Dynamics was founded 30 years ago beginning with work out of MIT conducting research in a “leg lab” that focused on one and two legged robots. Their first quadruped robot “big dog” was released 20 years ago. Today the company has three flagship products available, Spot, Stretch, and Atlas. Spot and Stretch are the two main commercial platforms. Spot is an agile mobile robot used for autonomous and repetitive inspection tasks inside industrial facilities. Spot is also deployed in areas and situations not quite fit for humans such as hazardous areas like an active chemical spill or a decommissioned nuclear facility. Stretch is a warehouse robot that is used mainly for unloading  boxes out of trucks and containers onto a conveyor. Both robots are built to handle dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks and are agile enough for human-purpose environments.

In a jam-packed conversation coming in under an hour, Roger, Jim, and Gaven cover a multitude of topics pertaining to Boston Dynamics. The episode begins with a general overview of the company and their three flagship robots available today. The group discusses product applications, safety, sustainability, and increased productivity. The conversation then goes into overcoming the company’s complications with adoption and acceptance. As well as positive implications for customers who purchased and adopted their robot into their daily processes. Getting into the nitty gritty, Roger speaks about the ideal customer, onboarding, and training. “How easy is it to set up and open your new Spot robot”, listen to find out! Wrapping up, the group speaks about the future expansion of Boston Dynamics and shares some final thoughts on the industry.

Visit Boston Dynamics for more information.

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