Learn About Building Electrification - Insights & Impacts with Andrew Lehrer of Environmental Systems Design Inc.

Author photo: Jim Frazer
By Jim Frazer

Building ElectrificationLearn About Building Electrification - Insights & Impacts with Andrew Lehrer of Environmental Systems Design Inc.

In this ARC Advisory podcast episode with host Jim Frazer, learn:

1. What are the catalysts for sustainability in the real estate industry?

2. How electricity is a key component of the entire process.

3. How the rapid and expansive deployment of battery

4. technologies increases resiliency of our grid and improves outcomes for people across all socio-economic strata

5. What are complications that come with electrifying buildings?

6. What is the power requirements for lighting compared to other applications?

7. What are some of the challenges of EV charging?

Providing these valuable insights is Andrew Lehrer, Practice Leader and Board Member, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

Andrew is an experienced leader, mentor, strategic planner, project executive, and innovative mechanical designer with a proven history of successful projects in Chicagoland and across the country.  Focused on Life Sciences, Asset Repositioning, and High Rise Mixed Use markets and discovering fit-for-project opportunities to enhance sustainability and reduce GHG emissions.  He's a  professional engineer in Illinois and California and a LEED AP.

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And here’s a brief snippet of the conversation with Andrew Lehrer:

Andrew Lehrer  - Yeah, I mean, we really view what we do is core to the user experience. So once a user has is occupying their space, how they experience it, their success and experience in that space, how long they stay there, how successful the overall asset is, over time, what ESD designs and the systems that we implement, the solutions that we implement into those assets are really pay play a critical role in determining that success.

Jim Frazer  - I'm sure before this topic, I just like to ask you, I'm sure your or my intuition is that your efforts begin with a robust assessment of the user needs of the client.

Andrew Lehrer  - Absolutely. What we really pride ourselves on is that integrated approach that we have with our clients, be it architects, be it developers, landlords, asset managers, or owners, we really immerse ourselves in the success case, the success metrics and outcome requirements for each of our projects. We don't apply a one size fits all application or solutions to each one of our projects. It's really a bespoke case by case basis and understanding the overall goals of a project how our systems fit into those goals. And really how the user is meant to experience the space is very, very critical to how successful we are in performing our services and why our clients keep returning to us.

Jim Frazer  - That's a great, so can you outline for us,  the current situation about building design in particular in terms of sustainability, resilience, the impact of some ESG requirements that are coming. And then more particularly, about building electrification. And I know there's a lot there. So please go through,  slowly all  any, any and all bullets that you might have on that topic?

Andrew Lehrer  - Yeah, that's, that's what we call a loaded question. So I'll, I'll try to go through them one by one here, but I'll back up to one of the things you said, which is really about the, the SEC direction that that was published in March of this year. You know what that's required that that was really heavy catalyst and a lot of the movement that we've seen towards sustainability towards select electrification, specifically. And so in my 20-year career in our industry, specifically, as a mechanical engineer on the HVAC side, it was a pretty slow developing industry for many, many years. LEED, and the move towards sustainability really changed that starting about 20 years ago, I really consider the ASHRAE energy standard 90 Point ones 1999, version two who really have kicked that off. And we've seen a very rapid movement toward sustainability past just simple LEED certification toward heavy ESG centric electrification goals here in the last couple of years because of this SEC requirement, which is mandating in fairly ambiguous terms… 

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