SAP’s Footprint for Asset Management Has Expanded to include Asset Performance Management

By Ralph Rio

ARC recently participated in a briefing by Patrick Crampton-Thomas, Head of Digital Assets Solution Management, SAP, on the current SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) portfolio for plant maintenance and field service.  The SAP solutions for industrial asset management have evolved into a comprehensive asset performance management (APM) solution including:

  • Risk and reliability analysis for maintenance strategy
  • Maintenance strategy, planning, and policy
  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring with IoT and analytics
  • Asset lifecycle information management
  • Environmental health and safety


Asset Performance Management

Asset Intelligence Network Improves Asset Information and Collaboration

SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) is a component of SAP IAM.  An interesting capability of AIN involves a global registry of industrial equipment updated by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and asset operators. A scenario described during the briefing had an operator invite an OEM to add information in AIN concerning the operation, maintenance, and bill-of-materials (BOM) for the equipment model in the user’s plant.  After entry, this information becomes available to all organizations using SAP AIN, allowing the OEM to increase awareness of its equipment among SAP customers. Also, manufacturers and operators can allow the sharing of specific serialized equipment information they enter.  As this asset information increases, the burden of entering equipment information by operators lessens, data quality improves, and both parties can share information about the asset performance during its lifetime. 

Integrated Reliability and EAM

Reliability analysis and maintenance execution are intertwined and more dynamic in today’s increasingly volatile business environment.  Reliability analysis methods determine an asset’s degree of criticality and means to improve uptime.  These methods include reliability centered maintenance (RCM), failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), and root cause analysis.  This reliability analysis determines the appropriate maintenance strategy, i.e., run-to-failure (for least critical assets), preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, or predictive maintenance (for most critical assets). Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) provides the means to manage and execute the selected maintenance strategy that is defined in SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management solution. Having these two domains integrated allows learnings during the execution of maintenance to feed back into reliability for a more comprehensive and iterative approach to controlling maintenance costs while improving equipment uptime.

Predictive Maintenance

Industrial IoT (IIoT) provides a means to collect data, like vibration, motor current, and device temperature, directly from the equipment in a lower cost and sustainable manner. With IIoT sensors and connectivity, asset health indicators are defined and monitored. SAP Predictive Asset Insights is built on SAP’s newly named Business Technology Platform for managing this data and applying analytics for predictive maintenance. Alerts when problems are detected enables maintenance to occur when truly needed. This reduces the cost of maintenance and avoids unplanned downtime compared to other maintenance strategies, like run-to-failure and preventive maintenance.


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