Wrap-Up of the 2023 ARC Industry Forum with Peter Manos & Jim Frazer

Author photo: Jim Frazer
By Jim Frazer

Listeners to this episode will explore:

  • Decarbonization, of the electric sector and oil and gas. 
  •  Net zero and circular economy goals. 
  •  Sustainability Resiliency and the energy transition.
  •  How solution providers  are delivering value

Listen in to the episode here:


Here's a brief outtake of the conversation:

Jim Frazer - And, Peter, let me just jump right in and ask you what are your what's your perception of the 27th Annual ARC Industry Forum this year,

Peter Manos  - It's the energy level and the exchange of valuable ideas that have been thrilling.

And, as you know, the solution providers have communicated great visions and great capabilities and are delivering value based on those.

And yet there's also a set of challenges that the end user communities are trying to meet. And there's always going to be a gap between where we are and where we want to get to as far as being a solution provider and leveraging all the value among the user community.

So Keeping It Real, is a great theme in virtually all the sessions that I was in - both the ones that I conducted, as well as ones I attended from other ARC analysts.

Jim Frazer - So let's drill down into that in a little more detail. What sessions did you like? Which ones stand out in your mind this year?

Peter Manos  - Well, my Get Ready for Sustainability Reporting session was a lot of valuable information and a lot of fun.

And my second session, which was on Analytics and Asset Performance, had a very animated question and answer period after some great presentations from the end users.  

The sessions I sat in where Rick Rys moderated were fascinating. Rick had sessions on decarbonization, both of the electric sector and oil and gas. It was a tough topic that Rick took on, and it was just very high quality attendees in there for addressing and sharing ideas about some tough issues on that path.

I think a theme across those and other sessions for me is that the ideals of digital transformation of arriving at those future, decarbonization goals and net zero goals and circular economy goals.

Those are ideals and like all human activity, we're imperfectly trying to reach that ideal. The drive to not give up and to surmount gaps is energizing. And we never know how we get from here to there. It's always seems impossible, right, Jim? but we do get there as human beings.

And the other theme, the good old threefold, Technology, People Process, I saw these three weaving together in ways that were just beautiful. It's inspiring and also energizing as I said, to say, how are we going to meet these challenges? You know, that famous saying, it always seems impossible until it's done. You know, that's what lies before us. And I think the community we built here and are growing here is helping to address that.

Jim and Peter also focused on a number of fascinating speakers at the Forum including:

Alejandro Burgana from OBE power, who spoke about his network, the second largest network of EV chargers in Florida after Tesla, that, frankly offer a cost solution that's far below the cost of any other provider in terms of cents per kilowatt hour. 

 Milton Kramer who spoke about port electrification of all of the forklifts and the little vehicles that move containers around the port, about the electrification of ship side of shoreside power for the ships themselves, about electric tugboats.

 Curt Ostrodka, VHB engineering, talked about the federal funding programs how to get the funding and how to manage that  stakeholder requirements 

 And Glen Cook, who covered a range of different very exciting initiatives in Central Florida, about autonomous vehicles, vehicle electrification, and more specifically, the developing hub of technology in the Lake Nona area...


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